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I believe that we should have more fun in our lives! To achieve that and not be put on a hamster wheel of anxiety and missed deadlines we need to set clear goals, be focused, and efficient. I started playing the flute at the age of 7 and I was extremely lucky to have an amazing teacher who taught me how to be highly effective in my practice, set realistic goals, and achieve them, all in a friendly atmosphere. In my Boutique Flute Studio I am cultivating the same rules of a positive mindset, ample enthusiasm, and teaching my students how to be happy and successful musicians.

What to expect?

My experience in both, flute playing on the international level and professional competitive horse riding gives me a lot of creativity in my teaching methods, focusing on exploring each student's dreams and goals individually, helping them grow, both, as a person and a flutist.


I am accepting a limited amount of students and require at least 1 year experience of playing the flute. Thanks to that, I can focus 100 % on my students needs.

You can schedule a lesson online (via FaceTime or Zoom) or in-person (only for Orange County area)



Lessons are customized to the needs of each student and include instruction in the following areas:


  • Learning how to practice effectively and efficiently

  • Play the flute with a beautiful tone and excellent technique

  • Perform music from a wide variety of genres

  • Sight-read with ease

  • Breathing, balance,  and correct position 

  • Basics of improvisation

  • Developing musicality and freedom of performance

  • Stage presence

  • Extended Techniques, beat-boxing

  • Mindfulness and wellness for musicians

  • Audition/competition preparation

  • College applications

  • Career advising



30 min lesson


45 min lesson


1 hour lesson

If you have any more question, please contact me!

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